Books for Review

Kalliope X seeks reviewers for the following books

Author Title Publisher Year Website
Elias Petropoulos Mirror for you: Collected Poems (1967-1999) Cycladic Press 2023
Sara M Saleh The Flirtation of Girls/Ghazal el Banat UQP 2023
Christopher (Kit) Kelen A Postcard from the Fires / A Picture from the Rain Kaleidoscope Athens 2022—709.html
Jena Woodhouse Bitter Oranges a memoir of Athens Picaro Press 2023
Rosanna Licari Earlier Ginninderra Press 2023
Beatriz Copello Witches, Women and Words Ginninderra Press 2022
Magdalena Ball Bobish Puncher & Wattmann 2023
Fotoula Reynolds Kairós Litoria Press 2023
Misbah Wolf Carapace Vagabond Press 2022
Yannis Rentzos Divertente and other poems Flying Islands 2023
Heather Taylor-Johnson Alternative Hollywood Ending Wakefield Press 2022

Please respond via email with the title of the book you wish to review, your name and postal address. We will mail the book to you.