Issue 5 | Summer 2023

Welcome to issue 5, intrepid travellers.

As the mercury worm creeps let us be your quicksilver messengers.

Now hold on to your hats because our feature interview is a special treat. It gives us a genuine thrill to present here the final interview by the late, great Antigone Kefala, a giant of Australian literature. Recorded only weeks before her death in December of last year, Kefala is in conversation with author and academic Vrasidas Karalis and poet-artist Anna Couani, reflecting on the turbulent life that shaped her distinctive and influential voice as a writer of poetry and prose.



What is poetry? “Dear God, dear God… Well, I assume a necessity and also something that comes naturally, so I don’t know. What is poetry? Yes, I have been dependent on poetry forever and on literature generally, actually, to survive, to understand my life, to understand wider sort of society issues.”

Antigone Kefala