Issue 6 | Autumn 2024

Issue 6 continues our proud tradition of publishing unique, fresh, relevant voices.

In fiction, these voices are potently female: in an excerpt from her upcoming novel, Double Happiness, Rochelle Siemienowicz explores the manifest pleasures and pitfalls of polyamory; Zoe Karpin, in her short story ‘The Removalist’, shows a young migrant woman trying to embrace her feminist ideals, questing intelligence and body’s sensuality all at once; while Leone Gabrielle, in her darkly lyrical avant-garde piece ‘Safe House’, depicts her heroine’s struggle to vanquish a particularly female experience of fear.



Is there any Australian literature of the past that’s grabbed you?

No, we were encouraged to recite Banjo Patterson’s, The Man from Snowy River. pa-pum pa-pum pa-pum. I didn’t know what a snowy river was, I hadn’t seen a brumby, and I certainly didn’t know what a stock whip was or what a colt was, but we had to recite it and we were assessed on it. 

Peter Lyssiotis